"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

Max Planck, A Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers, 1949

Group Supervisor

Dr. James W. Gauld

Current Graduate Students

Sahar Nikoo (Ph.D.)
Taqred Alnakhli (M.Sc.)
Paul Meister (M.Sc.)

Previous Students

Mohamed Aboelnga Ph.D. 2017
Travis Dewolfe M.Sc. 2017
Wanlei Wei M.Sc. 2016
Daniel Meister B.Sc. 2016
Arielle Desamito B.Sc. 2016
Sameer Jaafar B.Sc. 2015
Bogdan Ion Ph.D. 2015
Dan Simard M.Sc. 2015
Hisham Dokainish Ph.D. 2014
Grant Fortowsky M.Sc. 2014
Rami Gherib M.Sc. 2014
Eric Bushnel Ph.D 2013
Phil De Luna, B.Sc. 2012/2013
Erum Kazim, B.Sc. 2011/2013
Wenjuan Huang Ph.D. 2012
Joel Almasi, Summer Student 2011.
Avtinder Basra, B. Sc. 2010/2011
Haining Liu, Ph.D. 2009
Riam Jamil, Outstanding Scholars, B. Sc. 2009/2010
Dr. Jorge Llano, PDF 2008 "Tenture Track at Grant MacEwan Univeristy"
Robert Ty, Outstanding Scholars and NSERC 2005-07.
Jesse Robinet, B. Sc. 2005, M.Sc. 2007
Erin Taylor, Outstanding Scholars 2006.
Vikram Velker, NSERC 2005/2006.
Jordan Nantais, Outstanding Scholars 2005.
Selwan Slewa, Outstanding Scholars B. Sc. 2005.
Indervir Mann, B.Sc. 2005/2006, NSERC 2004/2005.
Dr. Kyung-Bin Cho, PDF 2003-2005
Dave Paterson, B.Sc. 2004/2005.
Dan Kirmani, B.Sc. 2004/2005.
Alexis Taylor, B.Sc. 2003/2004, NSERC 2004.
Cristina Baciu, M.Sc. 2004
Dr. Justine Taylor, NSERC PDF 2004
Paul Oleynik, B.Sc. 2003/2004.
Qinghang Jin, Ph.D. 2002/2003
Mariama Henry B.Sc. 2002/2003.
Agnes Liwak B.Sc. 2001/2002.

If you are interested in Computational Chemistry and would like to join our research group please contact Dr. Gauld for student opportunities.